Established in 2010 by Tony Hinds - Weerai Music, LLC is a Philadelphia based copyright administration and media relations firm that offers representation to songwriters, artists and music professionals. Our services include creative administration, media relations and music supervision resources to free agents.

In Weerai Music’s initial years, we have signed recording artists, musicians and producers to our roster. Many of our clients have won awards and contributed to singles that have topped the Billboard charts. We are positioning ourselves in the market place as a company that delivers with respect to our clients, licensees, partners and affiliates.

Our Mission and Long Term Goals

In 2013 Weerai Music is developing our roster of artists, producers and songwriters. As a commitment to high quality services - Weerai Music intends to expand our roster while maintaining a low client vs. worker ratio.

Simply put – our clients and their music will not get lost in our song database.

Weerai Music distinguishes our long-term plan from companies and start-ups that have the primary goal of being purchased by a multinational. Weerai Music is in the planning stages of implementing a media division that develops commissioned works in education and entertainment.